Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Am I the only one who breeds socks?

Am I the only one who breeds socks? This laundry basket goes from the bedroom to the living room, back to the bedroom, to the basement if we have company, back to the living room, to the kids room...all the while the pile grows. In the winter it's the dumping grounds for odd mittens and scarfs. During the summer it is the dump for all stray bathing suits.
We all rummage thru the basket looking for a pair, and it seems as though there are never two socks alike. Why is that? I waste more time looking for a pair of socks, yet there is N O T H I N G that motivates me to fold them. Anyone else have this sock problem? In all honesty I think that friggen pile of socks only gets completly done three times a year, maybe. UNLESS...Mother Mary comes over (which is way under 3times a year, and she only lives 9/10s of a mile away.) She is completly appauled that A) they are not folded and put away (she had four kids I only have three, all her socks were put away you know) 2) that we even own that many socks (her kids had five pair of socks each, because she did the laundry every day, there is no need to have that many socks) and C) there could possibly be socks missing. Mother Mary swears that she has "never" lost a sock in 46 year. OK. Sure.

I actually think the reason why I have this basket is to prove a point. I don't quite know what that point is, but when I figure it out I'll let you know. I wonder what my kids are gonna do with thier socks when they have thier own homes? And will I be able to keep my mouth shut about what I did with my socks? Eh I probably won't.

Tonight I asked the Man I Married if he could kindly fold the socks for me. He said "sure bring them to the living room." Sounded too good to be true, and it was. I went out and came home to the basket intact. I guess I will move the socks to the corner in the dining room so I don't see them first thing when I wake up.


Megryansmom said...

Well I'm with Mother Mary on this one, and I can only say it RIGHT now, because at THIS precise moment, all my laundry is folded. I know a true Christmas miracle right. Shaddup! This was a great post, you is funny! For whatever it's worth, I'm gonna try to send some traffic your way. I'm so proud of you, it makes me giddy.

Miz Q said...

I don't match up socks. (except my own)

I DO sort them: these are BSs, these go to the Big Guy (thoughtful boy that he is still brings his laundry home for me to do)

When the girls lived here, they too got theirs back sorted with their other clothes, as in 'here is your pile, take them to your room'.

That's usually as far as they got, too. They each had 'their' laundry baskets, which they would pull clean clothes out of, wear, and then throw on the floor until the clean basket was empty. Usually by then they'd been told several times if they had anything they wanted washed they'd better get it down to the basement cuz I wasn't going looking for it. I learned that if I washed their loads separately, then I didn't have to SORT them too! I did fold, until the time each in their turn actually threw a folded, unworn item into the 'to be washed' basket because they were too lazy to put it away when picking up their dirtys.

There were the inevitable 'oh I need this clean by morning' moments right before bed. Sometimes it got washed, and sometimes they got to wear it dirty cuz they didn't plan ahead and I wasn't going to be around to rescue them forever, don't you know. lol

So sometimes only one of a pair will make it to their basket. So only one will get returned clean. Next load the other will get washed, or not. Not my problem.

NOW, I mostly wash for two. and I kind of miss the old days :o/

But I think your 'one basket' idea is brilliant! can't find it? look in there. don't know where it goes? toss in there! Your only problem is where to KEEP it. find it a nice permanent 'home' and let it go! it WORKS for YOUR family. When one of the thinks it isn't working, then THEY can do something about it. And Mother Mary never has to know ;o)

Soxy Deb said...

My kids are grown now, but I am and always have been a do the laundry and put it away when done drying kinda gal. That being said, I have definitely had the sock monster eat more than my fair share. That I have enver understood.
If I were there I would take care of your socks for you cause it would make me nuts if I didn't. :)

Stacie said...

i have to pair the socks as I go...because if I did throw them all into a basket it would sit around just like yours does.

I don't mind laundry it is putting it away...

Stacie said...

your comment on my page made me laugh...seriously, that is about how fast my mind goes a lot (ok, always)....why do you think I blog? To get all that shit out of my head. Usually it does take me 1/2 hour so to shut it all off at night to fall asleep.