Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I knew as soon as I woke up to the pouring rain today I knew that is what I was going to talk about on my blog, but after reading Suz's comment on germs my last blog...I have to add to my morning's agenda.

About germs...I'm a germaphob, and those around me know it. My kids know the first thing I say when we walk in the door from ANYWHERE is "go wash your hands." Cover your face when you cough and sneeze, and for heavens sake if you cough or sneeze into your hands instead of your elbow "GO WASH YOUR HANDS." I wish I was the person who invented the elbow as a germ shield instead of using your hands.

So last week we all had nasty colds in my house, they bounced from one to another in the appropriate amount of time so there was a constant stream--if you will --of germs flying. On this one particular day it was my turn to be the keeper of bad germs. I was so careful about not touching food and cups and utensils as to not recirculate the germs. We were turning in for the night, and I noticed that the water container in the fridge was down to about two ounces (nobody left it that way, it "just happened") and I being the mother of the joint took it upon myself to fill it. The man I married was standing in front of the fridge, so I hand him the filled container of water, which was dripping a bit. HE LICKED IT RIGHT AT THE SPOUT! If I could have beat him I would have. Can you say D I S G U S T I N G? How is it a 44 year old man can at times have fewer brains than his seven year old son? He licked it. I cannot tell you how many times I have caught this man drinking out of the gallon of milk. It grosses me out to no end. I wonder if that is why I don't drink milk anymore. Here I was thinking I just didn't like it anymore...I think I'm onto something!

So if you ever come to my house and I offer you something to drink, be sure it comes out of its own container.

Now to the rain....I love a rainy day. It gives me so much freedom. I cannot see the dirt and dust in the house, therefore don't feel the pressure to clean it. I look at a rainy day as a "gift." It's like a get out of cleaning pass. A pass to let things slide and take things at my own pace (which is very slow.) This is one of the things I appreciate a little more since I've gone back to work. I actually am lucky enough to have a rainy day off! Rain rain rain. So I guess in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I will give thanks today for the rain.

Gotta scoot....the couch is calling!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Date with my boy was as fun as it gets at one of those things can be with a seven year old who only wants to run around. The hall the dance was in was much smaller than the school cafeteria. The second largest city in the state of RI has cut out every last flipping extra that we took for granted. They no longer will let us use school buildings, on account the electricity costs too much? So shut the lights of its a dance for crying out loud!! So off to the senior center we went. I actually liked it better because since it was smaller room , there was less room for all the little boys to run around in, minimizing my aggravation.

There was a dance contest to see which mom and son danced best. So the boy and I dance to Michael Jackson's "Don't stop till ya get enough, " a grotesque song ALMOST as long as "Thriller." So here we are a bunch of rythemless mothers huffing and puffing giving each other the side eye "is this torture almost over?"

I am sure that the DJ who chose the winning team had no idea that she probably made this woman's life. I don't know her story, but I do recall a couple of years ago this mom was fighting some sort of cancer, and bravely carried on her duties as mom. At last year's pirate dance, she worked that bandanna over her head right into her outfit and fit right in. As I walked off the dance floor (ok I crawled) I was all choked up thinking to myself for that mom--it can't get any better than this, she saw another year of her son's life, got to dance with him AND won the dance contest. And if she is real lucky, that boy let her give him a great big kiss before he goes to bed.

They had a special dance for the moms and sons of the sixth graders, and I watched many of my friends get all choked up dancing with their sons. We blinked our eyes and they grew up. So as I cringed as my boy stuffed his face full of cake and chips and cookies after his break dancing on the dirty, scummy floor....and I wanted to screeeeech GO WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!!!!!!! I just let him go and remembered he won't be seven forever.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Ok, now that I got my digs somewhat set up I feel comfy enough to start blogging. It's like sitting down to watch tv with toys and clothes and crap in my "field of view." Can't do it. I need order. MIM (Man I Married) doesn't understand this, the world could be crumbling down around him and so long as he has the remote control in his hand, he can block it all out.

Tonight is date night with my boy--we are going to the Mother/Son dance at school. He is so excited about it; annoyingly so. As soon as we walked in the door this afternoon he began the haunt me to fix his army pants (Army theme) that he broke the clasp on last week. (Couldn't he break them NEXT week?) I wanted to fix it with a diaper pin--nope it was NOT an option, as he hemmed and hawed till I gave in and pulled out the needle and thread. Pant situation remedied, and now he's clock watching...ok clock asking..."how many more minuets?" "how much longer?" This is routine Boy. Last year the theme was pirates, it took me longer to make his pants (an hour and a half, again it was WAIST band problems...the child has OCD issues with the way his clothes fit) We were there 45 minuets and he declared "I'm ready, let's go home." Since we are double dating tonight we will have to walk home in 21 degree weather.

There's nothing like a date with my boy.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blogger wanna be in RI

For now I am a blogger wanna be...
I can't seem to find anything clever to say. I don't understand blogger lingo, and I cannot make up my mind what I want my blog to look like. Come back from time to time, I may just figure it all out one of these days.
For now I'm just a "blogger wannabe from RI."