Monday, December 8, 2008

Am I a bad mother?

So my question is this.. Am I a bad mother because I cannot listen to my 13 year old daughter who thinks she is Joan Biaz, sing?

My sister bought her an acoustic guitar for her birthday over the summer, and God bless the child, she has learned to play so quickly. She's played violin since she was 9. She was one of those kids who actually practiced. (First kid--over achiever.) So I guess violin, guitar same thing? I don't know music. All I know is she knows how to play the guitar. The strumming of the guitar doesn't bother me one bit. I can tolerate the guitar. The problem is when she sings. Oh dear Lord it is like a pack of wild wolves are howling to one another. This is the very same child who when she was five,would sing the song "Maybe" from the musical Annie, and bring tears to my eyes. Different kind of tears from today's tears. I would actually choke up when I listened to her. I would think to myself "her voice is so beautiful, she could be a singer when she grows up." I'm thinking, maybe I said it out loud? One too many times?

Her repertoire of instruments has grown since her birthday over the summer. My crazy sister was kind enough to give the child an electric guitar. My crazy sister lets the kids (now all teens) play to their heart's content in her basement at her house, amplifier and all. She's nuts. She says the noise dosen't bother her. Since there is no amp here, I'm safe from hearing the electric guitar. She also has a trombone that the band teacher at school gave her. We affectionately call it the butt trumpet. I must say I do enjoy when she plays that. It sounds so bad its good. The stupid teacher handed her the trombone and a VCR tape and called it a lesson. What she knows she has taught herself. Hey she must be doing ok, she got an A in band. Don't know how, as we don't have a working VCR in the house.

So tell me, does it make me a bad mother that it makes me crazy when she sings? Oh it's so bad.


Soxy Deb said...

No - definitely not a bad mother. Stress 2 played, he also taught himself - but god give me strength when he tried to sing. The bleeding ears, the watering eyes...there was no cure for it. Until he started a band and they all played at one of the other boys house. Bad for them, but good for me.
Now - you are a bad bloggy buddy cause you ate all the brownies. But I'm willing to give you another chance.

Megryansmom said...

I came here for dessert as the MF-ers ( Ink Man, Augie and Whynot) here ate the entire package of Candy Cane Oreos! The whole package in one sitting!

And now I see you ate all the brownies too! ARGHHHHHHHHH

Miz Q said...

YOU? a BAD Mother? noway! The mere fact you've thought to ask proves it ain't so!

I TOTALLY get where you're coming from tho! The Boy at my house has played DRUMS! since 7th grade. At the start of his senior year he even got a full set of drums -- and played them often and loudly, up in his bedroom, which was right over the TV!

AND last Christmas he asked for and received an acoustic guitar. In just one year he has made AMAZING progress, and I love listening to him almost all the time. His sisters?? not so much. I had to tell him at Thanksgiving that when the people around him began to raise their voices to talk to each other OVER his playing, it was not endearing when he then played LOUDER!

But he doesn't sing.

Sometimes I sing tho lol and am almost always asked to stop!

So maybe that's your answer -- SING ALONG!!! and LOUDLY too! then if asked to shush, maybe a trade can be negotiated ;o)

Good luck!

oh yeah -- guess who? ;)

Miz Q said...

Your absence has been noted on remails, I got asked if you were ok the other day! come out come out where ever you areeeee!!!! I be missing yous!

1 of 3

Megryansmom said...

Well than I have been omitted on the remails, cuz I didn't see the one asking where she was at. Hrmppph.

Miz Q said...

No you didn't, now that I think of it it was an IM from Kees! lol
In any case, you are MISSED!