Sunday, September 19, 2010

This mom's best friend

I lost a trusted friend this week. My not quite five year old eternal "puppy" Holly had an accidental fall. Being a dachshund she was predisposed to back problems. She herniated two discs and the neurological damage at best, offered a very bleak prognosis. Before I had Holly I wasn't a dog person at all. My puppy wormed her way into my heart. 

Her favorite thing in life was simple. She loved to snuggle on a lap. Anyone who had a lap, she helped herself to. What I loved so much about her was, all bets were off once I sat down. It was the running joke in our house when I sat down we all knew she was headed my way. She wanted me first. She loved me as I loved her, unconditionally. And she loved me best and I knew it.

The kids are so sad. Her friend Jack is lost without her.
My heart is broken. I hope not having her around gets easier with time. Its been four days and I miss her terribly.

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