Friday, November 21, 2008

Ok, now that I got my digs somewhat set up I feel comfy enough to start blogging. It's like sitting down to watch tv with toys and clothes and crap in my "field of view." Can't do it. I need order. MIM (Man I Married) doesn't understand this, the world could be crumbling down around him and so long as he has the remote control in his hand, he can block it all out.

Tonight is date night with my boy--we are going to the Mother/Son dance at school. He is so excited about it; annoyingly so. As soon as we walked in the door this afternoon he began the haunt me to fix his army pants (Army theme) that he broke the clasp on last week. (Couldn't he break them NEXT week?) I wanted to fix it with a diaper pin--nope it was NOT an option, as he hemmed and hawed till I gave in and pulled out the needle and thread. Pant situation remedied, and now he's clock watching...ok clock asking..."how many more minuets?" "how much longer?" This is routine Boy. Last year the theme was pirates, it took me longer to make his pants (an hour and a half, again it was WAIST band problems...the child has OCD issues with the way his clothes fit) We were there 45 minuets and he declared "I'm ready, let's go home." Since we are double dating tonight we will have to walk home in 21 degree weather.

There's nothing like a date with my boy.


Megryansmom said...

See you can so blog!!! You're a natural!

Suz said...

Well lookie at you! ;o)

Your school does the coolest things to promote family fun! Mother/son dances, Father daughter events!? We never had anything like that, it would have been so fun!

Soxy Deb said...

Look at you! Just like a "real" blogger (lol).

How old is "boy"? We never had those mother/son dances when my boys were in school. I would have loved that. Any opportunity to embarrass the hell (sorry - heck) out of them.

How long have you been married? I think that's all the questions I have for now (lol).